We are celebrating 150 years of innovation and partnership
    Vaillant Group CEO Dr.-Ing. Norbert Schiedeck
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    Dear Companions,

    On 1 August 1874, Johann Vaillant established his own small craft business in Remscheid. In doing so, he laid the foundation stone for our family business, which today operates worldwide.

    In 2024, Vaillant is the world's leading heating manufacturer. Our heat pumps and gas appliances are among the most reliable and innovative appliances in the industry and, in line with our corporate vision, we are taking care of a better climate. Inside each home and the world around it. We are celebrating our anniversary - 150 years of Vaillant - under the motto "The Future of Heating".

    On behalf of the entire company, I would like to thank our specialist partners in the trade, our suppliers and the many customers around the world who rely on our heating technology and our service for the trusting and, in many cases, decades-long cooperation.

    With best regards,

    Dr.-Ing. Norbert Schiedeck, CEO Vaillant Group
    Bringing comfort to homes around the world.


    Innovation is part of our tradition. With our efficient and reliable heating systems we are driving the heating transition in homes around the world. Making it our mission to cut emissions – and ensure sustainable comfort for everyone.
    Taking care of a better climate. Inside each home and the world around it.


    As one of the market leaders we know: our actions have a great impact. That is why we set positive impulses: for our environment, society, employees and partners. In line with our climate strategy, we fully offset the CO2 emissions generated our own area of business responsibility.
    A strong team has strong values.


    Our employees pursue our values with the same enthusiasm as our founder Johann Vaillant once did. Every day, they are dedicated to our customers, business partners and sustainability. With courage, passion and trust that inspires others and ourselves. And with technological excellence to master today's challenges.

Driving the heating transition since 150 years.


of the heating energy generated by the heat pump is obtained from freely available environmental heat, meaning from the air, water or earth.

Bringing comfort to every home – that has been our mission for 150 years.

But the way we do it changes constantly. Because innovation and technological excellence is part of our long tradition. Today we are developing energy-efficient and eco-friendly products for heating, cooling and hot water supply. By leading the way in three key technologies, we make it possible for everyone to drive the future of heating. For a greener and more sustainable lifestyle – exactly what our founder Johann Vaillant strived for 150 years ago. And we will continue to pursue in the future.

Empowering the environment through innovations.
In addition to our 150th anniversary, we are celebrating one thing in particular: using environmental energy to heat your home – and modernising it at the same time. Heat pumps take in ambient heat from the air, the soil or groundwater and makes it work for you. This means you get up to 75 % of your heat directly from renewable sources. No matter whether your house, like us, is 150 years old or is just being built: we have the right heating solution for every home. And if you operate your heat pump exclusively with green electricity, no greenhouse gas emissions are caused.
Eco-friendly technology by using 75 % of the energy from the environment
Quiet operation that lets you and your neighbour sleep well
Particularly economical system when paired with photovoltaics
A smart addition for an eco-friendly mix.
More independence, less emissions: with hybrid heating you utilise multiple energy sources and increase your share of renewable energies. Hybrid heating combines two different heating systems: for example a gas condensing boiler and a heat pump. While the heat pump takes care of your daily needs your boiler covers peak loads. This enables you to tackle more challenging modernisations – and do something good for the environment at the same time.
Reduced costs by using less gas and more green energy
Lower emissions thanks to the efficient combination of different heating systems
Coping with peak loads for demanding modernisation projects
Sustainable fuel for a green future.
There is an alternative to fossil fuel that can be a key element for the energy supply of the future: hydrogen. The climate-friendly gas can be used to heat houses and power cars. Best of all: the production of so-called green hydrogen produces no CO2 emissions. As an alternative to heat pumps, this already means a more eco-friendly way of heating: today our ecoTEC gas condensing boilers are capable of burning gas with a 20%* admixture of hydrogen. H2 will play an increasingly important role in the future and we are preparing for this when all conditions are fulfilled: a new hydrogen boiler that will run on 100% H2 in the future.
Easy to set up on the existing gas network
Transportable and storable due to its ability to assume different aggregate states
Zero CO2 emissions when 100% green hydrogen is used in the future
The future at work.
The development of heating solutions for the future began 150 years ago in a small workshop in Remscheid, Germany. We are proud that we are continuously expanding our production to do what we love. Today in focus: high-efficient heat pumps and gas condensing technology. With a total of 11 production facilities in Europe and China, we have managed to build up an efficient production network, close to the respective sales market. Our production capacity of well over half a million heat pumps per year means that we are ready to meet the growing demand for our high-quality and sustainable heating solutions.
Investing in innovation with research and development centers around Europe and China
Our powerful production network enables us to produce over half a million heat pumps per year
Meet the growing demand for sustainable heating solutions

Doing good for 150 years for a better tomorrow.

We love our innovative technologies. But we also love the way it helps making our planet more sustainable. Not because we have to. Rather, it is a genuine need for us. Because with our heating technology we want to set the right impulses for the future. For our customers, for the environment, for our employees and the society. We are certain: we are only successful when everyone benefits.
Our impulse for sustainable change: halving our CO2 emissions
by 2030
to better protect people and the climate.

We are growing - and so our responsibility.

Sustainability permeates our entire company and drives every step we take. With the SEEDS sustainability programme, we are growing a wide variety of initiatives and, together with our employees and partners, ensuring a better future for us all.

    We actively protect the climate.

    We set ourselves the goal of halving our own CO2 emissions by 2030. We achieve this by reducing energy consumption in production processes and buildings, investing in a sustainable vehicle fleet and using 100% electricity from renewable energy sources. We offset the remaining emissions through certificates from high quality afforestation projects.


    We are the employer of choice.

    Our employees form the foundation and soul of the Vaillant Group. With their commitment, ideas and hard work, we became a globally leading heating technology company. The personal and professional development of our employees is encouraged through individual training programmes. As a result, we prioritise internal backfilling of management positions of our team from within. In addition, we have a clear goal for workplace safety: zero workplace accidents.


    We create sustainable, climate-friendly products and services.

    As a leading supplier of eco-friendly heat pumps, we think of sustainability as a whole: from sustainable materials in manufacturing to comprehensive digital services to improve energy consumption.


    We assume social responsibility.

    The ten principles of the United Nations Global Compact form the basis of our business activities. We are committed to environmental and social standards in our own business operations and among our suppliers and have maintained an exclusive partnership with "SOS Children's Villages worldwide" since 2013.


Because every child needs a warm home.

Vaillant and SOS Children's Villages worldwide are linked by an international partnership. The family-owned company has been supporting the children's rights organization in over 20 countries since 2013: with modern, energy-saving heating technology and creative social projects. The numerous initiatives we have been able to implement together so far make us proud – and we look forward to many more to follow.
Learn more about our partnering with SOS Children's Village
76 SOS Children's Villages in 24 countries supported

Because a green future needs strong partners.

Sustainability is very important to Vaillant. That's why we entered a partnership with WWF in Germany, Spain, France, Italy, the Netherlands and Poland. Our common goal: to protect the climate and drive forward the heating transition.
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    Raise awareness for better heating.

    Together with WWF we want to draw attention to the importance and potential of eco-friendly heating with heat pump technology. Because outdated appliances contribute a significant amount of our yearly carbon emissions. With a modernisation to an eco-friendly heat pump you can cut carbon emissions and make a difference too.

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    Protect the environment.

    As a sustainable organisation we care about the climate and a healthy ecosystem. That’s why we support a growing number of WWF projects to protect biodiversity. For example, two projects to conserve rivers in Germany and Poland.

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    Starting with us.

    With the support of the WWF Germany, we are also continuing to develop our sustainability programme SEEDS. Our initial focus is on reducing greenhouse gases in the company's operations. And we are also anchoring targets and measures for the protection of biodiversity in our sustainability strategy.